Become a Shopper / Auditor

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How does Mystery Shopping & Auditing work?

Verify International is always seeking people, like you, to help our clients gain valuable insight into their organization’s performance. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how you can join our team and get paid to shop!


Many of our clients are looking for feedback from very specific groups of people. We gather detailed information from our shoppers and auditors to determine experience, qualifications, and or certifications prior to an assignment, so that the shopper/auditor demographic matches the typical client customer.


The Sassie platform we use makes it easy to find assignments near you. We will email you assignment offers regularly. And, our Job Board will always show you what is available in your area. There’s also Presto Maps where you can grab assignments from us as well as other companies.


Keep an eye out for notifications from us. When you find an assignment that you are interested in, please respond quickly and select the date(s) for completion. Shoppers and auditors who have an excellent history of accurate, well-written reports are usually selected first. If you are given an assignment with us, you will receive an email confirmation.


Our clients are specific about what they want evaluated. Once you’re assigned a shop or an audit, you’ll be given information on their requirements and our standards for completing the work. It’s critical to understand exactly what kind of tasks and feedback are required for any given shop or audit.


You might be shopping or auditing a store, restaurant, hotel, entertainment venue, or placing a call to a call center or visiting a website. It’s important to clearly understand and follow instructions and to perform the assignment on time.


Here’s where you conduct the evaluation, write your report, and submit it. Your clarity and accuracy is vital in helping our clients understand their customers’/patients’ experiences and presentation of goods and services. We’ll score your shop or audit after it is accepted – the higher your rating, the more offers you’ll receive in the future.


We pay our contractors (via PayPal™) every 2 weeks within 30 days of completing the assignment. If your assignment involved purchasing actual merchandise, we will include reimbursement to cover your out-of-pocket costs. 


If you completed your first assignment thoroughly and on time, and to our client’s exact requirements, you will continue to receive work offers from us, including higher-paying ones we reserve for our best and most experienced contractors.