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 Why Mystery Shopping?

Are your employees following established procedures to provide the best products and services possible to increase profits, improve the guest experience, and keep them coming back? If you’re not sure, or maybe you’re just lacking the right kinds of tools to get the feedback you need, then you should consider implementing a mystery shopper program.

The primary goals of a shopper program are to measure performance and provide you with information to improve guest satisfaction and increase revenues. By using our anonymous “customers” to highlight deficiencies and pinpoint areas that require attention, managers and staff can make the necessary adjustments to improve product, service delivery, and ultimately guest satisfaction. What gets measured, gets improved!

 A Formula for Success

Measuring customer satisfaction levels is critical to success. One of the biggest challenges facing the hospitality industry is taking great care of the customer on a consistent basis. An indifferent, perfunctory, or rude service encounter can erode a customer’s confidence in an establishment and cost you future business. Even worse, poor service may occur on a regular basis and you might never hear about it or be able to correct it.

With the weak economy, downsizing, and the elimination of many mid-level management positions, it’s become more and more difficult to effectively train and monitor personnel. The good news is that when management measures staff performance on a regular basis, it can quickly identify weaknesses, recognize and reward all-star performers, save money, and increase ROI.

Benefits of Mystery Shopping 

Verify International has helped some of the most respected names in the hotel and restaurant industries do the following:

  • Assess service & sanitation levels based upon established standards of performance
  • Provide a positive reinforcement tool for quality improvement
  • Pinpoint ways for increasing profits and fulfilling customer needs
  • Help deter theft & provide a review of revenue control procedures
  • Provide regular, objective feedback from experienced professionals
  • Help identify and reward outstanding employees
  • Enhance training programs
  • Build overall awareness of the importance of customer relations

Our Experience – Since 1986

We’ve been conducting mystery shopper evaluations for our hotel clients since 1986. Our shopper services are customized to incorporate your property’s brand-specific standards. We use the latest web-based technologies to provide detailed, real-time assessments of the hotel guest experience, sales acumen, and operations performance. Our shopper surveys are performed anonymously by experienced industry professionals. We then conduct interviews with managers and staff to summarize operational issues and concerns.

Verify International is an active member of Mystery Shopper Provider’s Association (MSPA) and maintains a large database of mystery shoppers, with over 10,000 shoppers available throughout the United States. We are able to staff specific shoppers from various demographics, ethnic backgrounds, age groups, or shoppers with special needs.

Comprehensive Reporting

Areas evaluated in a typical shopper survey include:

  • Phone Reservations (w/Internet Voice Recordings)
  • Bellstand/Concierge
  • Guest Services
  • Front Desk Check-in / Check-out
  • Group Sales & Catering (audio & video options)
  • Restaurant
  • Room Service
  • Special Activities
  • Bar / Lounge
  • Housekeeping / Guest Room (ATP Rapid Hygiene Testing)
  • Public Areas
  • Safety / Security
  • Turn-Down
  • Room Make-up
  • Special Requests
  • Phone Service
  • Hotel Shuttle
  • Exercise / Entertainment


Comment Card / Guest Satisfaction Surveys

How satisfied are your customers? Will they return? If so, why? If not, do you know why not? Are you “wowing” them on a consistent basis to increase brand loyalty?

In today’s consumer driven markets you must meet or exceed guest expectations if you want to stay in business for the long term and gain loyalty and repeat business. Customer satisfaction should be the primary goal of your continuous quality improvement program. Guests provide selected feedback about their stay, and we collect the information with sophisticated data entry software. Once the information is collected, it is assimilated into report form for tracking and analysis. This is a useful tool for providing valuable insight into the guest experience over a specific period of time.

Both narrative and check box scoring responses can be used for tracking comparisons and monitoring performance among multiple properties. Verify International conducts satisfaction surveys designed to identify and analyze key performance criteria within your organization.

Our surveys will help you:

  • Eliminate the time consuming task of managing information
  • Determine satisfaction levels with products and services
  • Identify opportunities for improving the guest experience
  • Acknowledge top employees for recognition and incentive programs
  • Monitor the impact and trends of improvements or changes within the organization

We offer:

  • Custom, web-based survey design, development & production
  • An easy-to-read summary of guest comments so that you can take action
  • Separate scoring analysis for each department
  • Narrative responses organized & tabulated in every report
  • Data base for follow up surveys, gap analysis, and progress tracking reports
  • Secure, web-based “dashboard” access
  • Fast turn-around

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