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Verify_Food_Safety_logoFood Safety Audits & Inspections

Not sure if your employees are safely managing your back of-the-house food service operation?

Want to know about possible code violations BEFORE the Health Department shows up for their yearly inspection?

Need to determine if your food production, food quality and customer service standards are consistently followed to ensure the satisfaction and safety of your customers?

Or, do you simply need a trusted third party to help you assess how well your managers and staff are performing on a day-to-day basis?

We are SERIOUS about food safety and desire to help our restaurant clients establish protocols to be successful. Verify International’s Get Verified! internal auditing program lets your customers AND your employees know you are as serious about safety and quality as you are about making a profit.

Every year, in the U.S. alone, food poisoning causes:

  • 1 in 6 Americans (over 50 million) to get sick
  • 130,000 hospitalizations
  • 3,000 deaths
  • Over $75 billion in losses

The general public trusts the integrity of the food service industry to monitor adherence to critical safety regulations during all stages of the farm-to-fork process. We add an additional layer of trust and believe that responsible and caring professionals in food service can benefit by utilizing our affordable, unbiased Internal Food Service Auditor program.

Verify International’s internal food safety audits offer customized front and back of-the-house food safety, customer service, and operations/risk assessments. We partner with you to develop and implement a continuous improvement effort that reflects your unique brand standards. The key word here being “continuous.” Unless audits are conducted on a consistent, and reasonably frequent basis, then it’s hard to know whether problems that arise are isolated cases or negative patterns. Each food safety audit provides a “scorecard” that measures performance and staff adherence to critical food safety , customer service, and food quality standards. Check out our full slate of analytical tools here. Check out our full slate of analytical tools here.

We can help you:

  • Identify weak points/vulnerabilities in food storage and prep procedures
  • Increase profits, consumer safety, and accountability among staff
  • Reduce risk/costs and promote food safety awareness
  • Drill down to root causes of violations/food safety problems
  • Establish an extra layer of protection: consistent inspections are a proactive way to eliminate “surprises”
  • Educate your staff and provide better understanding about the direct and scientifically demonstrated causes of food borne illness
  • Identify staff who may need additional training in food safety – education of food handlers is the key!

We are experienced food service professionals. Since 1986 we have partnered with numerous regional and national brands. Our auditors are all certified Serv-Safe instructors with years of hands-on knowledge and experience in “Train-the-Trainer” Food Handling Classes, HACCP Principles for Food Handling and Processing, Food Handling, and Food Safety for Managers and Food Safety Team Members in the Food Service Industry.

All inspections are performed without the pressure of “outside eyes.” Scorecard results, based on your organization’s SOP’s, are kept confidential and are posted on our secure, web-based platform, so that any violations found can be addressed internally.

You never know when an employee is simply having a “bad day” or if they’re truly a liability to your food service operation. Get Verified! today. What Gets Measured, Gets Improved.

Need more information? Call 972-699-0424 or Contact us to learn more about our Get Verified! Food Safety Audit Program.

Compliance1Mystery Shopping

From fast food to fine dining establishments, Verify International’s mystery shopper visits can identify key performance indicators to help you improve customer satisfaction, quality of food and service, and brand loyalty. Actionable feedback also provides your management team with critical information to assist them in identifying ways to improve accountability and overall performance.

Verify International’s expertise in the restaurant industry is unmatched – we have over 30 years of experience partnering with some of the nation’s best restaurants to improve and perfect the customer experience.

We specialize in:

  • Shopper Visits for All Meal Periods
  • Restaurant / Bar Cash-handling Integrity Audits & Control Procedures
  • Recorded Phone Calls to Measure Reservations Efficiency

Trust, but Verify! Contact us today for more information regarding our Food Safety Inspections or Mystery Shopper Visits.

Grubby kitchenFood Service Audit

A comprehensive, independent review of your food service operation will help to ensure that your organization is meeting or exceeding your customers’ expectations for service, food, safety, and atmosphere. It’s an enhanced version of our Get  Verified! Program described above and includes an in-depth audit of the entire food service operation.

6 categories + 450 points = zero guessing.

Our custom auditing format is divided into six specific categories, consisting of over 450 detailed line items, or quality assurance standards, relating to all aspects of food service, including customer service, food and beverage quality, cost controls/pricing, atmosphere, maintenance, staffing, and cleanliness/food safety. When we’re done, you’ll know if your team is hitting their mark.

The Six Critical Categories

  • Promotion

  • Product

  • Place / Displays

  • Price / Cash controls

  • People

  • Kitchen

Detailed Results. Clear Action Plans. The Right Tools.

We provide a detailed performance summary with recommendations. This is accomplished by combining our interactive assessment with a departmental performance review, which includes facility sanitation and food safety inspections, ATP rapid hygiene testing, staff interviews, questionnaires, and mystery shopper surveys. Realistic plans and actions are formulated and implemented after our study, so that your facility can enhance food and service quality, identify sub-standard performance, and raise customer satisfaction and retention levels.

As part of our inspection and audit programs for food service companies, we now offer clients the option of the next generation of the world’s best-selling ATP rapid hygiene monitoring system. This verification tool, which we have used in our hospital and healthcare audits since 2009, will help to ensure that:

  • Food products are prepared in a clean, risk-free environment
  • The process of serving food is safe and compliant with HACCP & other established quality standards
  • Customer dining areas are properly cleaned and free of germs and bacteria

This device, developed by Hygiena, is widely recognized as an effective, reliable test for hygiene and verification of cleaning and sanitizing procedures. The application of ATP bioluminescence for rapid hygiene monitoring has been established for more than 25 years and now makes a well-recognized contribution to food quality, healthcare, and other safety systems.

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